The Strongest Man in Dragon Ball

In the Dragon Ball universe, the Saiyans are the best fighting race in the universe. Saiyans are born to be fighters so they have many special abilities in fighting. Even so, that does not mean humans cannot fight.

Throughout the Dragon Ball series, this series also shows many human traits that are skilled in fighting. In fact, some of them are even stronger than the average Saiyan. The following are five of the strongest human traits in the Dragon Ball universe. Check out the following reviews.


Surely more than one geek has wondered why Yamcha made this list. Actually Yamcha is not as weak as we think so far. He may not be the strongest human in the Dragon Ball series, but he’s definitely not the weakest. He is not the weakest superman, it’s just that Yamcha is often used as the butt of jokes by other fans which affects his image.
Yamcha has actually been defeated by various villains, but not more than one other character, but after being defeated by various enemies it turns out that he still survives longer than other humans. Regarding his death, don’t forget the reason Saibaman destroyed him because Yamcha managed to win in a fair fight.

Although Yamcha isn’t actually as weak as others talk about, he wasn’t actually chosen to be able to participate in a martial arts tournament. Unlike the case with Tien. Even though he has three eyes that make his status as a human questionable, Tien has always been recognized as a human by some of his fans.
Tien is one of the humans who has the ability to fly, not just Videl. Apart from that, he is also a formidable fighter with great Ki control abilities and also has a lot of power in him. With attacks like the Tri-Beam and self-replicating abilities, it’s not hard to understand why Goku chose him to join his team.


It’s no wonder that Uub has extraordinary abilities considering he is the reincarnation of Kid Buu. After what happened to Dragon Ball Z, Uub became Goku’s apprentice to increase his strength. Uub got stronger when seen in Dragon Ball GT.

In fact, before he was trained by Goku, Uub’s abilities were already very prominent, as he showed at the end of Dragon Ball Z. He can beat all the strongest humans seen in this series.

Master Roshi

Roshi has been known especially since the Dragon Ball series began. His extraordinary knowledge in martial arts also makes him a respected martial artist, especially by fighters as strong as Ox-King.

Master Roshi also invented the Kamekameha, one of the most powerful and iconic moves in the Dragon Ball series. Coupled with his experience as a martial artist, Master Roshi is without a doubt one of the greatest martial artists that ever existed on Earth.


Maybe Bulma’s choice is a little surprising, because Bulma does not have superhuman or martial abilities. Even though Bulma had this shortcoming, she made up for it with countless intellect and resources. Since the successor was from Capsule Corp. Bulma has access to anything she wants or needs, including weapons that can overpower superhumans.
Bulma is also the only person capable of “controlling” Vegeta, which means, in a roundabout way, Bulma is a strong person, as she can summon her powerful Saiyan husband to take on any enemy that gets in his way.

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