Our environment is a very complex one that is filled with all sorts of human wisdom as well as knowledge.  The environment contains both good and or positive things as well as negative products or things.


Some of its products are natural – i.e from source (God the creator) and others are man-made like technological advancement being experienced on daily basis.  No one can state the fact that they are not welcomed or good but the way and manner they are being put to use is what we are going to address  in this article.


How many of us know the effect of Noise to our lives?  How often do you go for a holistic checkup, where the entire body is put to test?


Majority may have the idea that too much or loud sounds could cause damage to the ear but do they know the extent of damage this could cause?  And what possible solutions have they proffered to reduce that rampant usage as to save the world from the hearing problems that could emanate from the use of these devices?



The advanced countries/nations have tried to proffer solutions to curb excessive noise in our environments by putting some guidelines in residential areas but do you also know that even with that Noise is uncontrollable?


Why Did I say So?


Read this piece of information and see reasons for yourself and also apply caution thereafter to your life.


Technology is a welcomed development to the world but many ignore its effects to the human lives or system.  Take for example the use of earphones –  this in some cases reduced the use of headphones if not whenever anyone passes by you he has one thing or the other in his ears either listening to some music and shaking visibly or vibrating to whatever it is or talking along the roads/streets.  In some cases these are not healthy to the body.


It is good sometimes to keep the body and the spirit/soul working effectively by giving it some sounds but is it necessary to engage in such practices as having the phones constantly glued to our ears?  The abuse on its usage makes me to wonder if people are aware or conversant with its health hazards.  Once that is ascertained I believe there will be a level of constraint in their uses.


What are these Tools/Devices?


As indicated above, the devices or tools are Headphones and Earphones  (See pictures of different types and kinds) and how they are used.





                                                                             Different types of Head/Ear phones


Why do people use these devices  Do they realize its effects on them or they just don’t care about any consequential effects in the long run?


So many earphones and headphones have been so rampantly used that one wonders if there  are no side effects of these devices.  In this article, I want to look at some of these devices/tools, types, uses and  their effect on human health.  The use of these devices do they have any effect on us or on our health?


This is an area I will be beaming my search light on as to reveal the effects of using these ear and head phones on our health.  Definitely, no good gifts or things  that will claim a hundred percent perfection- the headphones and the earphones are not an exception to that.  They are a hundred percent inclusive in that statement.  They are a very good tool that aid in various aspects of life but cautionary measures must also be applied in their usage.


Let’s look at some of their health hazards.  A publication from the Stony Brook surgery stated that: Noise from improper use of In-Ear Headphones – Ear buds, Buds, Earphones- may put hearing at risk.”  Stony Brook (ibid) further stated that, although they are presently a major advancement in Personal portable sound systems that could be worn for a long period, these devices are potentially dangerous if used improperly and they can cause permanent hearing loss.  What you enjoy using could damage your hearing and cause a hearing loss.  This could happen soon or later in life.  I don’t think anyone will be happy or excited with such a condition.


What does it mean to loose your hearing or the word “Hearing Loss or Loss of hearing?


The Stony Brook continued by saying that a Hearing loss is a medical disorder that affects nearly 36 million adults in the United States.  This is just in one part of a country – what about the entire universe that is glued to the use of these devices?  No one is left out both our youths and adults alike but presently the usage is more rampant with our youths – our future leaders,  who knows what the future will hold for us as regards this trend.

Some even go to bed with these devices stuck to their ears all day and night if not some warnings that are being given  to curtain the excessive use of phones and their accessories, it could have been more disastrous.




Although other factors are also known to cause hearing loss – the excessive sound emissions allowed into our ears is alarming and we must curtail or contain this excessive use to save our generation from this self inflicted pain/or disorder that might be difficult to correct.


Types of these devices:


We are not going to itemized the various brands of these products  but for the headphones we shall simply state that they are either wired headphones or wireless.  The difference among them being the wire and maybe some added accessories to add aesthetics and enhancement of such devices in its functions.

What are the uses of these headphones that make them so important and craved for by most people?



They were mostly used by  these categories of people to discharge their functions effectively most especially in the Entertainment industry –


The DJs’ while discharging  their function need to know what they are giving out so the headphones enable them to listen as well as give out to their listeners/spectators.   Musicians too and all other entertainers alike.



They are also used during personal practice – like when running, walking, to remain focus, sporting and whatever you want to do without any distraction – they on their own are enough distractions but once they allow you to engage in your activities, you are good to go but they must be taken off once you are through with what you are doing so that you can listen or attend to your environmental needs  too.


And other members of the society and professions who needed some form of hands-free devices that will allow them engage meaningfully while enjoying  soft entertainments.


Some are translators used for communication  and others for hearing aids to those that have already lost their hearing etc.



What are the different types of Ear Phones?


Earphones  comes in variety of types and styles and also from several different brand names which I will not bother to mention.  Some of the most popular types are as follows:

  • Circumaural
  • Supra-aural,
  • Ear buds; and
  • Canal-phones.


Lets look at them individually.  What are Circumaural ear phones?


These are the ones DJs’ normally use for their activities.  They work almost like a sound proof room; the ear pads fit around the outside of the ears in a circular design.  This help to keep all the sounds within the space between the ear pad and the ear.  They are effective for filtering out ambient sound.



What about the Supra-Aural?  This type have ear pads that sit on the ears rather than around the ear.  They are connected by an adjustable band which stretches over the top of the head, and the pad between speaker and earns usually consist of some sort of  a foam.  They are like the 1980s Walkman but are still in use all over the world.



Ear Buds :  These are one of the most convenient and inexpensive earphones .  They are placed directly outside the ear carnal without actually enveloping it.


Canal Phones:  These are similar to ear buds, except that they go directly into the ear canal.  Not only do they provide great sound but they have great portability also.  People in athletics or those engage in walking around love this type because they are comfortable as well as stay glue to the ears.

Types of Ear/Head phones

We have stated that the technological advancement in the use of these devices are  a good and welcome development,  but the excessive use of these devices is what has prompted this write up and the resultant effects on our lives.


I am writing this to warn users of these devices to apply caution to its use  as to save their lives from unforeseen circumstances – especially loss of hearing and other associated ailments.



Also,  I will not advise anyone to use them while driving, riding a bicycle, etc.  Looking at the above picture where the man was crossing the road, the danger of such actions could be serious or fatal and should be discarded  or discouraged.  A situation where a cyclist puts on his headphones and cycling on a high speed, he may not be aware of any dangerous spots in his vicinity and may crash into any standby vehicle or anything.  Such self infliction should be avoided by all means and caution applied in everything we are engaged in.  Certain accidents can actually be stopped or controlled  on our ways, in our homes,  our offices and wherever we find ourselves.


How can we help to curb this menace in our society?


The only way to help is to create this awareness, as you read through this article, tell your friend, family members and all those around you.  Hearing loss could be permanent or temporary.  It could degenerate further to cause more damage to the entire body since they are all connected together by one way or the other.   We should not allow the luxury we enjoy today to cause us pain in our ears and in our overall well-being.


Let’s  all play our parts and make our society a better place we all will be happy to live in.


Feel free to comment, share to your love ones, friends and family so that we can avoid the  issues raised.  Let’s all create this awareness by sensitizing our people of the danger of undue usage of these devices- ear and head phones no matter how lovely and helpful they  may be.

Join me here to turn whatever passion you have into something that will change your life forever.



Your friend