PRICE:                          Starter Membership  = $0

Premium Membership = $49 monthly/$359 Yearly Plan.

OWNERS:                      Kyle and Carson


YEAR OF BIRTH:            2005






What is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy  Affiliate is an Online Marketing Company owned and managed by two amiable young men – Kyle and Carson.  It was introduced in the year 2005 and has remained strong in the Business world up till date.  Why?

This is because it has maintained a very strong culture of building a standardized business platform which helps to build people rather than scamming people to get rich. These two young men are not after chasing the “get rich syndrome” within months you will make a “7” figure but gradually building a future for its numerous participants while making their steady income.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Stand For?


Wealthy Affiliate stands for a systematic training of its members.  A step by step training that is vigorously carried out along with videos walking you through these various training.  This makes the training so simplistic to follow.  Not only is it educative, it is so informative that you are never lost on your way and even when lost you could trace your steps back since it is well arranged, organized and systematically followed.



Training/Tools Used:  Some of the training undertaken are:

  • Classroom Classes consisting of 12 courses.  During these lessons Discussions are held on various topics, Tutorials along with video walk through and experts on these courses are there to give their expertise advice when in difficulties.  As a Starter Membership with zero payment you are entitled to two of these classrooms the Getting Started and the Affiliate Program Classrooms.  But for the Premium Membership you have total access to all the programs.


  • Online Entrepreneur Certificate Courses consisting of five different levels.  Each level consisting of ten lessons with videos walk through, a lively community that is out there with their ready response to questions; one on one communication with the owners at all times and guiding you through the programs.  During these courses, a Starter member who paid nothing has access to the first 10 lessons of Level I where you get your niche and build your first website ever at SiteRubix owned by Wealthy Affiliate.  A starter member is entitled to two free websites and other programs in Wealthy Affiliate while Premium members have unlimited access to virtually all programs as well as 25 free websites and 25 of their own domain.  Also;


  • The Advanced Stage Education Program is the Affiliate Bootcamp courses which consist of seven phases of ten lessons each in each phases along with videos walk through and task that stamps every lessons  when followed adequately.


  • Weallthy Affiliate also organizes 52 live Weekly Training Classes; Questions and Answer series and so much more.  It is a platform to be because you will never be bored.



There are various Tools available in Wealthy Affiliate that assist members carryout their training programs effectively.  Some of these are:

  • Website and Website hosting tools:  With this tool a  starter member once you sign up,  you are entitled to building two free websites which is the foundation of every online business success, you need not visit and website building company  to pay any extra fee for one.  While Premium members have access to  25 free websites and 25 of their own domain once you upgrade after signing up.  This is never seen in any Online Industry ever but all these opportunities are available at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Keyword Tool
  • Rapid Writer
  • Link Tracking Tools  etc.  All these are available and assist in one function to the other making tasks and learning very interesting as well as educative.


Who is Wealthy Affiliate For:


Wealthy Affiliate is for all.  The learned, professionals, professors, All types of people including students, teachers of all fields, technocrats, technicians, entrepreneurs,  Business men and women, undergraduates, school drop outs, Retirees, Laid off workers, Veterans, the Disable and  able bodies; etc. I mean “everyone” and  it is for “all the nations of the world” so from wherever you come from, feel free to access Wealthy Affiliate.   All you need is an internet connection, a phone ( iPhone or any Android) or laptop or a computer system and log in to Join Here or log in to https://my and get started.  Wealthy Affiliate is for all ages.  No experience is needed or any technical know-how.  All that is needed is You and your hard work.  Join and you will never regret your action because there are so many things that will keep you so busy even the dialogue that goes on within the community alone is enough to keep you busy that you are never bored.


There is always a 24/7 Support Team and whenever help is required it is attended to immediately.  This support team also include the owners and the vibrant community at Wealthy Affiliate.




Starter Membership = $0;   Premium Membership = $49 monthly and $359 for a yearly plan .  There is also a bonus plan for the first month of sign-up where you are offered  discount on the  monthly fee .  Remember , no one will ask you to submit your bank details or credit card information on getting started.  You can also Sign-up  with this link :



My Verdict/Opinion:


Wealthy Affiliate is a place to be for self-development and achievement of Technical know-how on Online Business/Marketing.  It is a Legitimate business that have and will continue to stand the test of time.  For twelve years it has remained unperturbed and on top souring high in advancement and remaining relevant amidst so many others that promises better future yet depend on those they intend to assist.

My Summarized Verdict:      Very Legit.



Come to Wealthy Affiliate and you will be glad you did.  “Take a decision Now“to join today tomorrow might be too late. Join here and have a success story to tell tomorrow.  Your comments and suggestions  are highly appreciated and I will be glad to respond.

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