Our last edition was on the Review of a powerful keyword research tool that does so much within a twinkle of an eye.  It was just a general review without any mention to how it can be put to effective use.  In this write-up, I shall be walking you through or showing you or teaching you how you can use this powerful tool to search for your keywords that will enable you to write effective materials that will appeal to your audience or niche.

What is this #1 Keyword Research Tool?


This great and awesome or powerful tool is Jaaxy (See my Review).  Jaaxy allows entry into its usage through different level.  You can join as a free membership where you pay nothing and have some limited services.  (See diagram below) or after joining you can upgrade to have access to more features.

You have two types here:
  • Jaaxy Starter  =  $0/month
  • Jaaxy Lite  =    $0 per month but with some exceptions but with so much increased activities.


Is there any reason(s) for the difference?

The reason for these two levels is that in the Starter account; you are also a Starter Membership for Wealthy Affiliate where you are also trying out its modus- operandi for your self – to see if it is the best place to be or what people are saying about the programs if actually correct or true.  But my dear it is actually correct. And the only way to  identify that is for you to try it out yourself.


But when you are satisfied with your initial trial period and you want to upgrade to the Premium membership in Wealthy Affiliate – you also have the opportunity to upgrade either to Jaaxy lite- you pay nothing while in Jaaxy Pro you pay a little fee.  Also you can choose to upgrade to Jaaxy Enterprise- this has higher payment with higher functionalities.


So in a nutshell, for you to access this keyword research tool – Jaaxy in particular here; you must meet this one all important criterion; that is becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Member either through the free Starter Membership  or the  Premium Membership (My  Review on this is relevant- check it out here and take action).


Now that you have been informed how to access this powerful tool, let us see how it works


I want to give you a run down of all the features briefly so that you can personally choose which one you will like to get registered with when you  make up your mind to follow me.

  • With the Jaaxy Starter =  Remember it is zero/month to get registered here.  Some of the features you will have access to are:   –  30 free keyword searches;  20 keyword results; you will have 2 different saved keyword lists;  you will have 30 Site rank scans; 5/letter Alphabet Soup results and One Advanced feature which is manually generated QSR for your competition (that can be seen from the above diagram).

All the above stated features are for free including free Starter Membership for Wealthy Affiliate

(Check it out to see it for yourself Here).


  • For Jaaxy Lite where I was as a Premium Member before upgrading-  You will have access to the following:  -Unlimited keyword searches- this cut across all other levels; You will have 20 keyword results; 25 saved keyword lists; 100 site rank scans, 10/letter Alphabet Soup results; For Advance features – You will be entitled to have:  Manual QSR for competition, Manual Domain availability, Affiliate Program search that is you will be able to search for other Affiliate programs from one spot  as well as have access to  sort keyword data.

As before, all these are for Zero dollar too but differs in your upgrade to a Premium Membership in Wealthy Affiliate.  You want to know what it is keep reading to the end. or check the review above.


  • The most popular level is the Jaaxy Pro.  In this level members have access to more features such as:  Unlimited searches; 30 keyword results; unlimited saved keyword lists, 2000 Site Rank scans; 15/letter Alphabet Soup result and many more features for advance purposes such as:  -Manual QSR for competition; Manual Domain Availability, Affiliate Program search, Brainstorming platform, 3x multi-tabbed kw search, sort keyword data and Site rank tracking.

How much do you pay for all these stated features under Jaaxy Pro?   You will pay a monthly fee of $19 and if you decide to go through a yearly plan, it is also far much reduced granting you some bonuses.



  • For the Jaaxy Enterprise – the baba or father of all for all your business needs,  the features are also enormous as well as faster in operation than all others.  You will have unlimited keyword searches; 35 keyword results; unlimited saved keyword lists; 10,000  Site Rank scans; 50/letter Alphabet Soup results and for the advance features, you will have – instant QSR for your competition-  What this means is that soon as you open to any of the searches, the results are already showing for your execution on them.  You don’t have to manually do anything like the other levels;  You will have access to Instant Domain Availability-  Here any keyword you choose shows you the domains that are available for that keyword instantly.  You don’t need to go elsewhere in search of of any domain.


Previously we go to Godaddy and other site builders to get domain but not so any longer except one chooses to do that and with higher fees.  Once a domain is chosen from Jaaxy just plug in into Site Rubix- our website builder and you are building your first ever website.  This can be achieved within 30 seconds (Check out my article on Building a Website).

  • Instant Affiliate Program Search-  This is also another great area that is worrisome to people.  Jaaxy gives you the opportunity to note these affiliate programs that are recommended for you so you don’t fall into wrong hands.
  • Brainstorming Platform-  This is based on keyword search; it gives you the opportunity to brainstorm on current issues from different bodies, be it trending issues from twitter, best sellers for Amazon etc.  This helps to increase you keyword list as to boost your site
  • 5x multi-tabbed keyword search.  For Pro it is 3x.  What it does is to state five different searches on the tab so you could switch to anyone and carry out more related searches on them or add them up to your list.
  • Sort keyword data and
  • Site rank tracking.

For all these functions Jaaxy Enterprise enables you to perform within seconds in fact within a blink of the eye, so many results are awaiting you for actions.  I therefore ask how much do you think you can pay for all these services mentioned under this level?  Jaaxy is offering you $49 monthly fees and you can also choose to go yearly in this too.  It saves you money and time especially for large business owners.

Why do you think I have to tell you about the different types?  I did this so you will appreciate the services I am offering you through this platform when you partner with me on my site ( as well as getting connected to all its businesses.


Now that the different levels and their features have been highlighted, how can any of these be put to effective use?  You want to know more about these features I have just talked about, then let’s dig deeper or lets dive in to find out more.


Jaaxy Keyword Search


Here I have just opened to the main Jaaxy site and words I have searched some other times also popped up along with recently searched words.  For my site, three different searches appeared (Remember what I  said about 3x and 5x multi-tabbed keyword searches).  This is so because I am on Pro but if your business is a large one you can go as far as using the Enterprise still from this site when you register with me.  So you are welcome on any level with me.


In order not to deviate from our topic, I intend to let you know that when you enable the keyword tab, it will open the following:

  • the current keyword term or phrase you are looking up for and results it will give you from the following tabs as highlighted above on the diagram;
  • The Average (Avg) Search Traffic;
  • It shows you the monthly Traffic
  • It shows you the Quoted Search Result known as (QSR) for your competition level.  For the purpose of your competition from 300 down to 0 is preferable or recommended.  The lower the competition the better your site will rank  I remember when I chose my niche because I never wanted to go for any other thing except to base my niche in the word of God,  my Avg Traffic, Monthly Traffic and QSR were not encouraging for some they will not go for any thing less  than 50 for monthly Traffic which is recommended but I went for 10 and today I am proud to say that my site is ranking Number One in Google and Yahoo and twenty three in Bing.  It is a thing of joy.  So it is depending on the quality of what you are able to communicate to your audience that matters.
  • It shows you the keyword Quality Indicator or index known as KQI-  What this does is give you an indication that what you are choosing is good, normal o poor.  It blinks green, yellow and red lights to warn you of your actions and for your marketing campaigns.  Having knowledge of all these indices will definitely help you to perform your research effectively and subsequently get ranked.
  • This also opens up for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) power.  What this does is to help you identify if you have chosen the right keyword that will get you ranked search engines and subsequently generate traffic that will take you to the top as well as produce the earnings.
  • It opens up the domain tab without showing you the domains available except you click on it, then all the domains available will show hence in Jaaxy Lite and Pro, it is indicated that they are manually generated whereas in Jaaxy Enterprise they are automatically generated soon as you open the keyword tab, the domains available with the search terms are shown instantly.  Relate to above explanations concerning Jaaxy Lite, Pro and Enterprise for ease.
  • You also have Related Keyword tab and phrases and keywords that are related to your search terms but you must be careful as to select those that may make sense or be meaningful to you and to others that might link to you or your audience because you are not writing to machines but to people who can and have reasons to sense when a keyword makes sense.
  • When you click on Brainstorm tab, trending issues and their ranks appears and from there you can add it to your saved list or create a new list this will in turn boost your site and or increase your keyword list.  The Brainstorm tab further displays the following:

-Rank- for the stated ideas under the following headings :  Google Trends-  This shows you current feed from Google;

-Alexa Topics –  this shows you feed from Alexa hot topics;

-Amazon Best Sellers- this shows you Amazon best sellers list; and

-Twitter Trends -where you see trending topics from twitter.  All these can add up or increase your keyword list and before you know, you will hundreds and thousands of keywords for your marketing campaigns and boosting of your site.


There are various areas to look at.  During my review( you can refresh your memory here) I hope  this is not too much reading but to facilitate your easy accessibility of the material please-; I indicated the various functions Jaaxy performs and I have just shown you a some part of it.


Let’s look at other functions this awesome keyword tool will do for you as it is doing for numerous partners connected to Wealthy Affiliate community.  These are:

  • Site Rank scans-  Jaaxy is able to show me my position in Google – my article on How to Get Wisdom (Page 1) is ranking first position in Google, 23 in Bing and first position in Yahoo.  (See result for yourself) and see how awesome this tool is.  I mean all in one place, you are getting all the information you need to have and very effectively too.  This is how you will see your site coming up and before you know it, the conversion which will in turn produce earnings.

  • You can also be an affiliate member of Jaaxy when you sign into Jaaxy and you will earn $20 and $40  monthly on any one individual that joins you and $200 and $400 for the year.  Note that this is for a single individual check out what you will get when  have  2-5 or even 10 individuals multiply by either the monthly or yearly earnings and that’s the revenue you get for becoming an affiliate member with Jaaxy.  I hope this is going to spur you to action.  You can maintain your jobs and still be an affiliate with Wealthy Affiliate as well as Jaaxy.  Take a leap today and begin to earn massive passive income with me.   It will also show you your Pay check and pending approvals of your payment.  I call this transparency- and no one has been owed any payment no matter the amount including the owners.


It is a proven system along with its parent body the Wealthy Affiliate.  It is a system I can say Thumbs-Up for and stand to defend it because I have seen and experienced what it is.  I am telling you all these so you will not go elsewhere to search for either Affiliate Programs or carry out a keyword research  with another tool because there are so many and none can provide the services highlighted here with so much ease.


Just focus your search here at this website and take immediate action to boost your business or if you have not started anyone – please look no further but take a stand here and get signed up freely here.


Why not take a step and Test that Alphabet Soup Technique that Jaaxy has provided for you.  Remember the taste of the pudding is in the Eating.  Get connected and have your  a, b, c, ……..z of your keyword researches done for you by Jaaxy.  You can start a free search below:



If there’s any question you want to ask me concerning this article or any other issue, please feel free to drop your comments,  In fact you can even contact me via my email for immediate attention and I  will gladly respond to you.  Watch out for more articles from this site and you will be happy you did.


Cheers and Happy Easter to you all,