Previously it was a hard task to build as well as set up a website but today it is  a thing of the past as it becomes so easy as ABC (Check out my write up on Building a Website here).


I have also written about WordPress (Click Here to get the needed information) where I indicated that a website is needed or required before a WordPress can be put to use as to make money for you on or offline.  Today I am going to inform you how to set up your website.

How do you set up your Website?


In order to answer this question, I am going to show you a quick video walkthrough on how will be setting up your website on  Watch the video below:



How to Build a WordPress


After Setting up your website, friend you are good to go.  Just begin to create the kind of content(s) you want or the kind of business you want to introduce on your website.

Be Warned


Be aware that there are so many scams in the name of Affiliate these days.  I advice that you read some scam reviews here to take note of their operations and disguises.  But I want to also let you know that there is one that has been proven to be upright in its dealings and transparent for the past twelve years that I will not hesitate to introduce to you.


It is devoid of any deceptive tendency hence it has continued to thrive in this technological age and it is actually free to get started.  Take a look at my review here.

Please Don’t Forget


After going through all the references, please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment and I will be happy to respond to your request.  Watch the video below by clicking on the link below it.

                                                                            Setting Up your Website- initial setup

And If New to Affiliate


In case you are new to affiliate; don’t worry about anything because you will have the opportunity to learn everything you need to know without extra charge(s).   You heard me very well , No extra fees  is required so GET STARTED TODAY and you will be glad you did.