Keyword tools are a powerful system that allows once to search for niche content and other powerful activities that will be highlighted here under.

There are so many different types of keyword tools available but I want to specifically inform you about this all important keyword tool when you register here with me.  This keyword research tool is no other than Jaaxy.  Let’s look at what it is as to ascertain its usefulness to our business.

What is Jaaxy?


Come with me, learn and see  all the activities of Jaaxy or in what areas it can be effectively put to use.  I want to state some functions you can perform with Jaaxy.  These are:

Functions performed by Jaaxy


For Niche creation, Jaaxy through its Alphabet Soup gives you tons of thousands of evergreen niches you can select from.  In this platform, you can access, find and dominate.  That’s you will have access or the ability to check out hottest trends of niches to finding relevant but other related searches that will enable you to generate brand new niche ideas in a matter of seconds.  Jaaxy enables you to uncover millions of niches and keywords.  The alphabet ranges from a to z and as many  alphabets you put to use, a new keyword or phrase  relevant to what you have emanates from the search.  This causes increase in your keywords and niches.


What is a Niche?


A Niche is a group of people or audience who are interested for specific things and are searching for ways to acquire.  A niche is never a product but those seeking for that particular product or be interested in the service or information you have.  It is important to note that without interest you can never succeed  in any niche.  Hence you must be very passionate about whatever niche you come up with.  And with Jaaxy multiple niches being searched for are in their hundreds


Other Areas are as follows:


Jaaxy function very effectively in Keyword research.  With Jaaxy you can have access to billions of keywords that  can be leveraged.  It digs deeper to get you the keyword that will suit your passion or need.  Even when you cannot think of any, going through its billions of keywords,  will definitely grant you sufficient  keywords you will be passionate about.  Jaaxy will save you hours per day or week on your research activities giving you more time to dive into other aspects of your businesses


Where can you find easy to access domains?


Jaaxy will enable you to search for available domains instanta.  Such domains as:  .com, .org. .net etc are available for the given key word.  Average search will reveal many high traffic, high value domains with an average of 90 domains being checked with every search.  Jaaxy i s the quickest and most powerful way to come up with valuable domains. It is very affordable and you can take a chance here to try the power of Jaaxy here.


You can save this domain lists created, buy up domain assets and make  lucrative business out of it.  You can instantly purchase you domain with ease at Site Domains platform at Wealthy Affiliate (See My Thorough Review on Wealthy Affiliate Here to learn more about it).  You can also buy  domains in bulk too.Jaaxy domain availability


Site Rank:  Jaaxy gives you the opportunity to scan through and identify where your site is ranked within 1-8 seconds for any keyword search.  This was a difficult situation in the past but now with Jaaxy you can determine what activities can lead your site to high rankings through the searches and which ones may not bring much success.


With Jaaxy set up your campaigns and track your rankings.  You can choose the frequency in which to track and it is completely hands free.  Whatever happens to your website, you are notified within the platform and you are able to use your historical ranking trends to master your search engine optimization.  It will also help you to automatically leverage your historical tracking, graphs to track your website rankings over a period of time.  Having this kind of operation in place will enable you to understand your website ranking trends.


Search Analysis:  As stated above, Jaaxy enables you to check the traffic position of  your search words or phrase.  The QSR(Quote Search Result) and so many other functions are identified in that one search


Brainstorming activities:  Jaaxy provides an avenue for you to brainstorm on your chosen niches and keywords by enabling you to find more trending, popular and lucrative ideas that are used to boost one’s website


Affiliate Programs:  With Jaaxy, you will be able to search and find relevant affiliate programs in your niche.  Not only that you will access other affiliate programs, it also allow you to become an affiliate with Jaaxy when you register with the program.  And this will enable you to earn affiliate commissions whenever you make a sale.  This and other issues of interest I will let you dive into it to find out about this powerful tool.


Use Jaaxy to beat other competitors in keyword research market.  It is efficient, fast and has a powerful keyword data.  No matter the nature or kind of your business – be it internet marketing or local marketing company, or a Search Engine Organization firm, looking to get access to keywords for your business, Jaaxy is your sure answer.  Because it will enable you to have traffic, competition, QSR, Ranking and domain data for billions of search terms.  You will also have the ability to perform up to five searches at once with the multi-threaded search functions.


Jaaxy is the most powerful, accurate and robust keyword research platform on the internet market.  And it is always evolving hence it is at the top of all keyword search competition.  It enables one to have 99.7% search engine coverage.  You will ask how?  This is because Google, Bing and Yahoo data are pulled directly into Jaaxy  making you to have a 99% keyword and their associated data coverage for all searches.  And as you know, these three search engines alone covers over 99% of all search traffic online.  This enables you to have unparalleled access to all the search engine data


Jaaxy also helps you to manage, store, save, share and export your keyword research activities and also give you the opportunity to leverage data for your own personal or business insight and hand them over to your marketing and content development team


With Jaaxy Keyword Tool you can never go wrong because so many things within Wealthy Affiliate are made easy by the use of this powerful tool.  Be it domain availability, getting millions of niches- which could also be sold;- search keywords, check your site working abilities and so on.  The functions are inexhaustible but let’s halt and look at other areas.


How do you  get connected to this powerful tool?


To get connected to this powerful or awesome keyword tool, Register freely for Wealthy Affiliate Here where you will be entitled to your first ten lessons.  During this period also, you will have to register for your free Jaaxy program because that’s where you will do your niche research, acquire the domain available for that niche, search for the competition and other indices you will need to commence the creation of your website.  Or you can upgrade to Pro or to Enterprise all within your rich for more tools and fast speed of actualization of your search.  Set up your account Here for a trial  and begin your search.


Why not take a trial here and test the keyword research here.  A trial will convince you and you will be amazed at what Jaaxy keyword is giving out for free.  There’s no keyword tool that can be compared to what Jaaxy is offering you.  Get connected here.



If you have any questions please leave a comment here and I will be more than happy to respond to you.