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Year of Birth:     2012

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 Introduction:  What is Swiss Golden


Swiss Golden is a web-based online shop that deals on 999.99% purity 24 karat gold bars that ranges from 1 gram – 100 grams.   It encourages participation of clients in two forms viz:  The Bonus Program and Leadership Program.  But before we look at these programs let us state what Swiss Golden company is,  its importance and other areas of interest.

Swiss Golden is an International e-commerce company, functioning as an online shop that is registered on the British Virgin Islands on June 14th, 2012.  It has its administrative office in London and  its representative office in Germany.  Swiss Golden function as an online shop and offers to its clients the most liquid gold investment bullion from 1 – 100 grams .  These golds are from the most famous world manufacturers like Angor,  Herarus, Valcambi, and others.


What Does  It offer:


Swiss Golden offers to its numerous clients from more than a hundred countries,   variety of services such as:

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  • Delivery of gold around the world,
  • Carrying out storage of gold reserves in certified depositories
  • Repurchasing of investment gold bullion’s from its partners or participants;
  • Purchase of gold bullion from the best world manufacturers on best prices hence they too in turn offer best prices to their clients; best purchase conditions and best investment gold ingots.
  • Swiss Golden allows its clients to become partners of the company how?  By allowing them to register to participate in the promotion of their goods and services and such participants are rewarded with  gold ingots.


Here we are talking about Gold.  What is Gold in the first place?  Gold according to the  Dictionary :  is a soft yellow metal that is very valuable and used especially in making jewelry,  gold coins or money, dentures etc.   Gold is used as a monetary standard.  What we are concerned here is the nature of gold which is its value, its importance to the society, government and by extension the world.  Gold has always been a symbol of power and wealth and so many have stored their finances in the purchase of gold (the jewelry).


Now, Swiss Golden purchases these gold in  wholesale and refine them into 24 gold karat in which clients/customers are given access to participate in the dissemination of information concerning these products as well as its purchase; and thereafter receive reward for such services rendered as bonuses.


How  to Access or Join this Millionaire’s  Company?  A customer who wants to participate in Swiss Golden Marketing Program should first of all:

  • Register  Online  in the Swiss Golden shop:-  This is done through your sponsor’s number (i.e. the person who introduced you to Swiss Golden) along with your email whereby a confirmation of your email is sent to you for verification .  Respond by verifying same back to the company.  Thereafter, an identification number is sent to you which  enables you to proceed with the actual registration at your back office.


  • Verify your personality by completing form; During this process, you have to upload some of your documents for easy identification.  All are stated therein for easy access.  Just follow the instructions and before you know it you are heading to earning some fortunes in this gold business.


  • Choose ingots and place  order in any of the different bonus programs thus:  1800, 7000, 27500 or 98000 all in Euros including 10% Order Processing fee.           The breakdown of the above stated program is as follows:


  • For the 1800:   75 euros is the registration fee required.  This level is  known as the Seven celled Preliminary Start Table from which a participant can  grow  to the highest level of 98,000 euros because you circle out at the end of every table and bonus/rewards received are either given in gold or in cash.   When in  gold it could be repurchased back by the company if needed.  But any client can also start from any of the Tables of Orders stated above.


  • For the 7000  Main Table, one is expected to either start with 280 euros Preliminary  Table or 740 euros on the main table.  This also circles out three times guaranteeing you three times earnings of 2100 euros x 3 + your start up capital of 700 gives you 7000 euros.  This is how all other tables function  up to the last table.



  • For the VIP Table – 27,500, 1050 euros is the Preliminary VIP starting fee while the VIP Plus table- 98,000, you commence with 9,800.  which ever you start with, the table consist of 7 participants- You + Your Two and the Two with their two each fills a table as indicated on the table below.  At the end, the table splits into two making each of your two to enter  the position to earn  and so it continues with new entrants into the business.


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  • Pay the cost either through coupons or any other payment processors indicated by the company.  Once payment is completed, get your two and commence marketing by disseminating information about Swiss golden and  the benefits of participating in it.



Why You Need to Join Swiss Golden!


Swiss Golden enables you to add value to your life as a result of the income generated.  Not only that you become an Online International Marketer with access to free movement as well as becoming your own boss.


Gold investment appreciates hence becoming an investor in gold with Swiss Golden where gold is used for payment especially as purchase from you is based on current price in the world market is highly recommended.  Why not become a Member Here


Benefits You Receive for Joining Swiss Golden:



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As can be seen from the above table , 75 euros enables you to earn 260 euros.  Out of which 200 euros is automatically used to place participant/client on the next level  of the start Preliminary  table.  When you circle out of this you earn a total of 1800 euros in gold for three consecutive times of 540 euros each time.  Also included is your start up capital of 180 euros on this level.  So You see in every level you join in this business, you have nothing to lose but stand to gain more as to better your self, your friends, family, those who say Yes to You and those who say No stand to benefit because when good things happen around you, everyone around you stands to celebrate and enjoy the goodness of God with you.


For the Main Table of Orders, you start with 280 Preliminary table and earns 1000 euros from which 740 euros automatically places you on the main table.   When you finally circle out of that main table,  you will be earning  2100 x 3 times plus your start investment of 700 bringing the total to 7000 euros.  Remember that once you commence with any table by purchasing the Table of Order in any level, your initial investment takes you through all which is also returned to you at the end of that level.  In fact what is returned is actually the main table capital not the preliminary amount invested into the business.


For the VIP, you start with preliminary order of table with a part of your earnings from the Main table which is 1050 euro to earn 4,000 euros and out of which 2800 is also removed for upgrade and you earn 27,500 euros in gold.  From which the company also  remove 3550 euros to place you on the next level and your reward there is 14,000 euros.  Remember, it is a business of continuity, hence the higher you go the more you earn.  And so from that  9800 euros is removed to place you on the final stage where you earn 98000 euros in gold.

This is too good to be true but true because so many testimonies abound among various members hence this review.  Swiss Golden is for everyone.  Even business owners are invited to make their mark  in it and save massively for the future of their generations.


Why not seize this unique opportunity to partake in this life changing Legit Online Marketing Program for a trial.

Uniqueness of the Bonus Program:

It enables participant to create their gold reserve while at the same time obtain bonuses from any of the programs;

It allows participants to promote company’s services regardless of age, education and occupation while spending one to two hours of their free time per day.

Participants can get high results based on their personal and career growth in the Leadership program.

Be a smart entrepreneur and take this golden opportunity to join thousands of people making it around the world.


The Leadership Program:

This is a program were customers/clients are given extra credit bonuses as a result of assisting their partners to achieve golden success.  This credit bonuses are only used for the purchase of investment gold.  There are fifteen levels arranged from bottom to top as indicated below:


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To sell gold bars back to the Company at a purchase price of the present day.  The Holder of the order has a right:

  • To leave the purchased gold bars for safekeeping in a certified depository.
  • To receive the purchased gold bars by the insured mail or to receive them from the depository.

The customer pays all delivery costs of gold bars which is defined by postal service of that country.  In those countries where there are VAT and import taxes on precious metals, the customer takes responsibility for the order/ delivery himself.


Right of Cancellation Order: 

A customer making an order under Swiss golden program has a right to cancel his/her order without giving any reason within 72 hours.  All orders are considered to be made from the moment of payment. Cancellation is made via e-mail within 72 hours  the order was placed and the client/customer pays for the technical works on restoring of tables to the original position in an amount of 100 Euros (two technical coupons for 50 Euros each).

Customer’s data is blocked for 180 days, upon expiry of this term he can make his order again with any sponsor which he chooses. Funds are deposited on the internal customer’s account and he can withdraw them only to his personal bank account.


At any stage of order the customer is entitled to pay the full amount of Order (1800 €, 7000 €, 27500 € or 98000 €, including the order processing fee in amount of 10%).

If you think you are smart and wants to make it big, join  this lucrative on-line shop and be the best as well as have the best!


Your comments and opinions are highly welcomed but note that every online businesses are termed scammed.  If you know what you want go for it without looking back and come out successfully in it.  God bless you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me on my email, or join this wonderful opportunity that have been creating millionaires from various places HERE and I will be glad to respond to all your questions or query.


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