The company Swiss Golden is going global with its activities in bullion gold and it is worth mentioning that it has covered almost all the countries of the world but with a little number of over 470, 000 (four hundred and seventy thousand) participants.  This is an insignificant number that cannot be equated to anything hence several activities have been introduced to give it a wider spread to a number that will bring a dramatic change to our lives as well as to others in the world.


The world has a population of about 7.6 billion, this is the current estimate given by the United Nations with China and India leading with over one billion people.  Although China is one of the world leading Industrialized country, does that mean its  people are out of poverty level?.  I don’t think so, more is to be done through this  and other Online  marketing programs as to bring about poverty alleviation to our teaming population.


Swiss Golden is here to change situation because Internet Marketing is the order of the day or is the future.  And as an Online Marketing company, it seeks partners/or clients or participants to join in its marketing programs.  Depending on which program you choose, it is either you are a customer to the company buying and selling gold or a partner or an affiliate  member who introduces or refer others to the business as to partake in its huge or high Bonus Plans.


Now that it is known to be in every country, what are we expected to do?


As registered members or prospective partners of the Program, we are expected to notify others of the benefits attached to becoming a partner or a communicator that will disseminate the information needed to reach others like “YOU”, Your Friends,  Your Family Members, Your Neighbors, far and wide and Our own people too- friends, family, neighbors and by extension, the world at large –  who are yet to have  knowledge about this great company – Swiss Golden.


How can this be achieved?


Swiss Golden have introduced some programs that will enable partners reach out to a large percentage of people.  One of such is the Introduction of a Mobile network  application which is user friendly,  that will enable participants to use their phones to download Swiss Golden App through the Google Play Store.  This application will enable partners to have access to training programs and operations needed for advancement.  These days technological advancement has made the world a global village hence connection to the internet is very easy and feasible.


How do you Access this Application?


Sign in to Google Play Store (on Android devices)

Type “SwissGolden” in the Search Box, download and install on your mobile device or

For those already using Swiss Golden Apps; use same login information and password then create a personal four-digit pin for quick access to the application.

Remember that for now internet connection is needed to use this facility but the offline mode is being looked into to enable every participant or partner or prospective partners  have easy access to the company’s operations and training and for them to reach out to a large number of people,



Another mechanism it introduced to further assist its members include:  Launching of the Telegram using messenger which will allow for high involvement and functionality.  Such functions like being able to send audio and video messages to your contacts/ or potential clients or partners.


In order to boost its usage, Swiss Golden company has attached lottery to its channel so that whenever any one logs into their news such a person if lucky win any specified gift(s).  We are waiting for you among the subscribers!

Download  telegram with the link:  then

Sign up or  log in to https:/ to get access to any information or news.



Quick Reminder of the operation and how to sign in into Swiss Golden Online Company:


The Swissgolden  Internet – shop is intended for purchase and sale of an investment gold in bars.
Gold bars are bought and sold in the Internet – shop in any quantity and any values from 1 to 100 grams.
Bars delivery is carried out by the insured mail or they can be received by prior arrangement in the delivery department in Great Britain , as well as they can be left for safekeeping in the certified depository of precious metals.  Delivery cost is defined by the postal service. Сost of delivery amounts to 55 euro.
The  storage of the gold cost  0.1 % per month of the value of the gold stockpiled in the depository on the first day of every month.



To buy the investment gold it is necessary:


To register in the Internet – shop  Click Here to sign up
Go through the procedure of identification. To do this, go to the [Profile / My Documents], and load  and scan a copy of your passport and utility bills account or registration.


After this registration, an email will be sent to you to verify your account with the company, quickly respond to that by verifying your account

The next stage is for you To choose bars and Place your order on any Table of your choice (Check out my review here).


Once this is done, you are good to commence your business intensively by informing and enabling your friends, family members, neighbors, through any social media to allow a  large to key into this life changing program.

On completion of this registration, an Euro account is opened for you -the Buyer in the Internet – shop for  further services.
In case of Buyer’s payment for the Order and Company’s services is through bank transfer, the Swiss Golden company will send an invoice to the Buyer through the Buyer’s e-mail stated at the registration.
The cost of purchase will be fixed for 24 hours.
As the gold market price may change several times a day, a Buyer must make a bank transfer and send a copy of payment by e-mail to the delivery department within 24 hours.
If confirmation of a payment for the Order is not received within 24 hours, the Order may be canceled.  It is only when payments are received for the Table of Orders that transaction in the Online shop is activated.


Some of the Gold Products and their prices.


This is just for reference and for information purposes that the business deals on physical product and not just online jargon and these are actually used for payment bonuses to its partners in the Bonus Marketing as well as in the Leadership Programs.  And since the prices of gold are never constant,  the current world  market  price is  always employed in the company for its purchases and sales to its numerous clients.


Valcambi                                                                               SwissGolden                                                                                                                 Argor-Heraeus
Code: SWISS 001                                                                  Code:  SG02G                                                                                                              Code:  SWISS 001
Weight : 1.00 g.                                                                    Weight:   2.00 g.                                                                                                          Weight: 1.00 g.
Sale:  47 EUR                                                                          Sale:  91 EUR                                                                                                               Sale:  47 EUR

Purchase:  35 EUR                                                                 Purchase:  68 EUR                                                                                                      Purchase:  35 EUR

SwissGolden                                                                                    Valcambi                                                                                                                  Degussa
Code:  SG10G                                                                                  Code:  SWISS 100                                                                           Code:   SWISS 100
Weight:  10.00 g.                                                                             Weight:  100.00 g.                                                                          Weight:  100.00 g.
Sale:   374 EUR                                                                                  Sale:     3545 EUR                                                                           Sale:       3545 EUR
Purchase:  340 EUR                                                                           Purchase:  3397 EUR                                                                    Purchase:  3397 EUR
                                                                                                                                                                                 Swissgolden 5 years
                                                                                                                                                                                 Code:  SG31S
                                                                                                                                                                                Weight:  31.10 g.
                                                                                                                                                                                Sale:  75 EUR
 I indicated  that the gold produced and sold by Swiss Golden varies from one gram to 100 grams no matter the type of gold.  These are a few examples of  them and to indicate their years of existence you can see the silver metal created to mark the celebration in France also billed for sale.

Why is it important to enroll in this lucrative life changing Online marketing?

We know the importance of gold some will be highlighted here as well as the appreciative nature of gold will be briefly discussed here.  Hang on with me while I bring to you the goodness of being a partner or a participant of this wonderful program.
  • Partnering with Swiss Golden gives you the opportunity to own your gold bars which can either be reserved at the company”s depository or collected  and sold at the local market or resold to the company for your cash’
  • This cash will in turn give you the opportunity to open businesses as to multiply your earnings as well as release you from multiple bills and other financial engagements that you will boldly carry out with ease.
  • Partnering with the company also enables you to build international relationship.  This is because from time to time the company holds at least two conferences and their anniversary in different countries.  Just recently one of their conferences was hosted in Africa- Nigeria precisely  and so many people including leaders of the company where in attendance.
  • During their fifth anniversary held in France, the company gave opportunity to a lot of people who ordinarily could not have made it at that time to France but were opportune because of Swiss golden company.
  • What about being your own boss and having the finance(s) to enjoy vacations with your family?   All these are possible only when you work hard and make stern decision  to succeed.
  • Also being a partner with this great company enables you to pay 10% value of the gold for the Table of orders from the company.  These table of orders are as follows:
  • The Start Order =  1800 euros .  On this table you are required to either commence on the Preliminary table with 75 euros or the Main Start table with 200 euros.  As the name implies, the 75 euros prepares you for the Main start table.  So when the table fills up, you are compensated with 260 euros, this automatically places you on the Main start table of 200 euros.  At the end of which 540 euros is yours for 3 consecutive times of cycling out from one stage to the order.  Get registered here for this order– this is a gradual start,  Get started and be motivated to hit more.
  • Main Order = 7000 euros.  Except you are a customer who wants to purchase gold with this amount pays this complete amount,  When you partner with the company this is the amount you receive as compensation or as your bonus for informing others as well as getting them into also partnering with them.  On this table like the first you can either start on the Preliminary table with 280 euros and the company gives you in return for your services 1000euros.  From this amount, the company places you on the Main table with 740 euros and the balance purchase gold as well as gives you some cash you can withdraw for your own use.

I believe some people will say this is not true.  One of my partner just earned that and what is loading on this main table we are now is 1890 euros,  Swiss Golden with this Bonus Program is changing people’s life- so many testimonies abound  and I will be showing some documents of those making it big in it,

Why not take a chance here and get registered on this level.  If you are brave and smart and ready to make it quick and are ready to put in your best, in Swiss Golden Hard work is the key to success.  With Hard work and determination, you can make great fortunes and cart away 98000 euros worth of gold on the VIP Plus Order,  And you know what, you can even sell it more than 98000.00 euros.  Convert to your currencies and you know what you are carting home.  This will enable you to get involved in other home businesses that may create employment opportunities to our teaming population.


For the VIP Order, what you will earn is 27, 500 euros worth of gold.  You have to commence with the Preliminary stage and some part of the money earned is used to settle your self on this table.  For the Preliminary you pay 1050 euros – remember none of these amounts comes from you.  Your initial capital and your hard work takes you through all these levels.  It is out of the 7000 euros you enter to continue on the VIP stage.


What do you earn here?

  • On the preliminary 4,000 euros is given to you out of which 2800 euros is used to place you on the Main VIP table which gives you 27,500 euros worth of gold;  And finally on this Bonus Program, we have the VIP Plus order’


  • With the VIP Plus order, we also have the Preliminary stage where you pay 3550 euros and you earn 14000 euros.  From this amount you are placed on the Main VIP Plus table 9850 euros and you take home a whooping sum of 98000 euros of gold.  Know that you can register in any of the order and you can also replicate yourself in three different Orders.


In subsequent orders, documents are no longer required as far as you have certified the initial order requirements.  You just multiply yourself as to make do  with the opportunities the company provides for its teaming partners hence this call to Get registered fast here today into any of the order of Tables.


It is too good to be true right?  But I tell you it is not just true but happening in the company and in fact so many people have made it so big that they even open up new businesses with the money made from Swiss Golden.


Be informed that you do not pay for registration hence someone can register  for some time but what guarantee you  to participate is the Table of Orders as this is what ascertain what level to be placed for remuneration or compensation for your hard work.

Another area to look at is ITS LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS


This program is where hard work is further rewarded by the company.  How do Swiss Golden reward its partners is what we shall be looking at in our next publication.  Watch out and read to the end as there is so   much you need to know about this great company as to take vital decision that will change your life and those of your family as well as friends.




We dealt extensively although more areas they are touching lives will still be discussed in our subsequent issues, but we told you What they are doing right now to reach out to a large percentage of the population by the introduction of Mobile App as well as the Telegram using Messenger where members can actually send both audio and video messages to their love ones, friends and to their neighbors.  Swiss Golden is the place to be for 99.999% purity of gold bars purchases and sales.

Click here for easy registration into the company and I will personally go the length with you for success to be ours


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