Product Name:  Site Rubix

Owners:             Kyle and Carson


Secretaries duties



Building a website previously was a kind of scary venture that only those in the technology industry could dare it.  Even in that most of them recounts how they spent sleepless nights and days working to get it right sometimes for months before arriving at a near solution or perfection in some cases.

Oh! I am forgetting something.  What about the financial implications involved in contacting and hiring such a professional and the time lap or time frame spent on creating it.  But today thanks to a group of experts that are behind the scene making this as simplistic as you can think.

Join me as I introduce to You a Site that have proven itself this far in the creation and management of the technicalities involved in this organization Wealthy Affiliate.  This is no other than Site Rubix.   You can take a look on the video below:


What is Site Rubix?


Site Rubix is the website and Hosting Platform of Wealthy Affiliate.  It manages all websites related issues like hosting and management of all websites owned by participants and those who purchased their websites in Wealthy Affiliate.  The Chief architect here is Carson himself the co-founder of the organization- Wealthy Affiliate.


With Site Rubix building of any website be it for free or on a owned domain is as simple as A_B_C.   Wealthy Affiliate specializes in providing a secure, robust and fast website platform for You, Yes I mean You to run and manage your website(s).  It is the most advanced, yet simplistic website platform in the world and it can only be accessed through this wonderful platform Wealthy Affiliate when you get registered for Free here.


Do you why this is made easier or possible for you?

This is because the technical aspects of building a website is being handled by a seasoned professional and his technical  experts hence no rigorous task is involved in getting any type of your website working and or running as desired.


Other Features easily accessed on this Website Builder are:


So let’s dig into other interesting features found in this great platform.  Don’t forget first thing first, Getting Connected to this program here.  Thereafter take your first two free lessons which prepares you to getting knowledge on how to build your website.  Wao! now you are ready in body and in your spirit to go on.


  1. Click on Website at the Activity Board or Menu-  this opens up other menu.  First on the menu is your Site Manager-  This is where you access your already built website(s) and carry out the management of your website.  This is where you log into your WordPress.  You will also check your site health and other numerous functions.  On this you will access to your contents and management of your contents.
  2. Next is the Site Builder where you actually carry out the building of your new website(s). (Check out how you will build your website within seconds or watch my video here)
  3. Site Domain- This section enables you to register and manage you domains or transfer your already registered or existing domain(s) to Wealthy Affiliate.
  4. Site Content – This is another platform created to make quick writing of your contents possible if you do not want to write from your website.  With Site content you will be able to know your all-time words written.  It will also indicate articles published.  Any article published under this platform goes straight to your website too so you have no fear of transferring does to your site.  Unpublished articles are saved as well as published ones.  Within the Stats and Goals – you can set up your goals on how frequent you will write and publish your articles.  It will also indicate your articles that are indexed and so many more functions.
  5. Next is Site Comments –  This is where you offer comments to others and you have your own opportunity to request for same to your post.  When you offer comments, you earn credits which enables you to request comments to your site.  You set up interest areas and topics related to your choice of interests are released whenever a comment is to be given.  This kind of platform is only available here in Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Business you get registered in and you will have no regrets joining it.
  6. You also have Site Feedback –  This is where all comments requested and offered are indicated or at your website
  7. Site Support –  This is the seat of the Technical crew that renders support or help to your website.  You have any technical problem; just shout out to them and wao it is just as settled with immediate effect as requested.


Other exclusive features worthy of mention that are included in this website Builder are as follows:

  • Site Speed
  • Site Protect
  • Site SSL.    All these features are for Premium Membership usage only.  So You want to enjoy all the features that come with this Website Builder then get registered at the end of this write-up.


Just as I indicated above; there is no regret of joining this “good guy, Wealthy Affiliate” as there are so many bad guys out there that you may never know  until you fall into their hands; also you may never identify their methods of operation until you get deep down into them.   Maybe by that time you have already wasted some amount of your hard earned money.


Why not take a chance  and get connected with me.  It is free to get started with the Starter Membership and you will have access to your first ten lessons in the Certification Course.  Not just that you will have access to so many other freebies.  If you are in doubt of this just give it a trial and when you do not like what you see and get, you can walk away.


Friend Stop Procrastinating And Get Started Here.  There are so much Benefits you will get from me on getting hooked or started to these multi-faceted free programs.  Feel free to contact me through this website  Also feel free to drop your comments, suggestions and questions are highly welcomed and I will be glad to respond to you