I recalled once upon a time, when a brother of mine purchased his first television; and while we set it up and began to watch the news – one of my aunt sighted the young lady giving the news and said how she wished I  become one of such professional reading or showcasing on the television – meaning becoming a journalist.


Little did i know that all I have been aiming to be while growing up (that is becoming a medical practitioner so I can render help/assistance to so many of my people and wherever I could find myself) will be dashed and what later become of me  is becoming a Secretarial Administrator.  This field led me into writing, copying and into production of any kind of manuscripts from any quarters.

Secretarial duties

Like one of such positions I held for some years, becoming a Personal Secretary to several Commissioners of Police was not an easy task but it was made easy first by the Grace of God as well as my love and little knowledge in my field.  And any writing needs were satisfactorily carried out while there.


Here I am after several years of service as an Educator as well as  within the Administrative sector, going through the wishes of that my lovely big mummy and aunt- becoming a writer/author/publisher in a profession I cherished most although it is tedious, but one place stands out that carries you gently along this path or through this journey- and that’s what I shall be introducing to you.  Stay connected to get that Number one place.


But before I bring you the story about this wonderful platform I want  to tell you how I had wanted to be in the media industry after my High school (which is Secondary in my area).  Before my employment with the Police organization, I went for an audition with the then Radio Rivers and after the interview, they love my voice, I was good at pronunciation and everything but declined with some flimsy excuses of not having an excellent certification in English Language.


What happened was actually uncalled for in a situation where the person met most of the conditions; certification although very critical to every profession- employment should have been given and the person be required to fulfill such conditions but not outright rejection of someone with such high hopes.


I think I love it here where no matter your field of study; you are trained on any job of your choice and later certification could be achieved.  The so much stress on certification makes the nation to employ illegible people into most services hence the right implementation of certain policies and activities of various bodies are left undone or are unattainable in our part of the world.


Why am I bringing in this issue?


This is because so many people have been denied their heart desires to serve in their God given talents making them to fall out into other areas of non-interest and thereby unproductive and ineffective in such areas of work or sometimes not loving/or knowing the best way to serve their people or in the area of their employment.


I feel for such people and if you are like what I suffered years back- where that spirit in me was killed then, brace up because as long as there’s still life in you – there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel


This dream that the management of Radio Rivers then wanted to diminish continues to resurrect or burn within me  because it is that same spirit that led me into Studying Secretarial Administration.  While still in the University as well as working, I was sighted and recommended for the post I earlier mentioned where I served several Commissioners of Police abroad or back home.

Do you know what is obtainable in such offices?  It is writing memos,  letters, reports of all types from various groups and departments, typing, printing, filing and so many other tasks as well as those assigned by my bosses – until later I was transferred to another state.   On getting there I continued with my services- but this time around,  computerization was included.   After a year I moved out of the offices and went back to Education where I have to impart knowledge to the younger generation.


It was a nice experience being exposed in various areas of life.  We know that being an educator is another area of being in the profession of writing and so it was with me preparing lessons daily, weekly and carrying out other assignments relating to schools setting.    With time, the administrative section of the Head Office requested for my services and I was transferred there.  That became my final point of call before I left the service after putting in twenty nine years into those services.


Being here; I have enrolled into some programs of learning – some so high that you cannot afford and others will just rip you off of your money with no tangible things to take from them then I came in contact with a review that turned or should I say that changed my story around.  This is the one item I want to tell  you about that whatever God has purposed for somebody although it tarries, believe it that one day it will come to pass- that is you too when you are moved to carry out certain actions that will produce good results – do not neglect such body moves or urge or intuition because you never can tell what God is about to do for you.

I have been propelled and moved all my life because I have never stopped learning to improve my lot/self and I will never stop till the end of time.   Sometimes I used to be questioned by my children when will mummy stop going to school and I will tell them I am not yet a Doctor (Mrs.) yet so until I become that maybe I might halt.  Learning should be a continuous process especially one engaged with the work of God,  and also my current position as an author/publisher, you can not but keep learning to approve yourself… a workman that will never be ashamed…. (2Tim. 2:15)


The one item I want to bring to your notice is an affiliate body that will change things around you.  Someone will ask me what is an Affiliate Program?  Just don’t  rush things and I will explain everything about this Affiliate Program.  Do you know what I like in this program- From the day you join its training programs you are well informed of its financial implications not some other ones that you will pay so much, and in the middle of the program, they bring up other issues that will distort the program which sometimes makes you to leave the program thereby missing out your finances as well as the knowledge you seek to get.


This body is no other than Wealthy Affiliate.  Who is an Affiliate or what is this Wealthy Affiliate?


The dictionary has it that an affiliate is an organization(such as a television station) that is a member of a larger organization (such as a national network), or a person who associate him/herself with that organization or other affiliate bodies.  That means that I am an affiliate connected to this group and others in the Online Marketing Network.


So, Why Wealthy Affiliate?


This particular group has proven itself to be transparent in its dealings with its participants for over a decade that some members that affiliated with it since its inception in 2005 are still glued to it.  The Organization has all it takes to place you in the right standing with the scheme of things.  Also becoming an Affiliate will enable you to be affiliated to so many organized companies like Amazon, Commission Junction and others,  (where you will be entitled to market any of their products and be paid commissions)


This Wealthy Affiliate also enable you to become an affiliate with it as well as it subsidiary company known as Jaaxy – a keyword research tool that enables you to carry out so many functions (See my Review on Jaaxy too) and so much commissions are made from all these bodies as well as others that you will come across with time.  Do not reject or neglect the urge to join this wonderful body and I am telling you that there is none like it.


Although I started off for quite a while now, I want to thank God because so many who have suffered from one ailment for example cancer or the other must have gone or yielded to its pressure (that is becoming victims) but here I am still waxing  strong and basking to the Glory of God.


How did I come across this wonderful program?


It was after I had a major surgery and because I want to stay away from  idleness, I surf through the net and  I came across this Online business.  Just as I am directing you here to go through the reviews, I did that  and  I was convinced that  this must be something I have been looking for because I know what had happened to my business back home in which I will need to fix them up when I will  be ready to rebuild it.


So I got enrolled into it first for free and within the second day, I upgraded because of its relevance to my technological advancement and needs; and do you know how much I paid to upgrade?  Don’t worry everything is stated in my thorough review, you can check it out here.


Here I am today owning my website and doing something I have always desired to be.  (Remember my aunt’s wishes coming to pass).  Years back, I have written some materials of which I am yet to get them publish – but with this body – that will be done within a close of my eyes; and I am so grateful to God for His constant leading and guidance to arriving in this and other organizations.  Its like a dream come true because since I couldn’t go for the medicine, my desires have continued to push me into the art of writingin which i am very glad to become one.

Secretaries duties

I don’t want to bore you with so much words but a word they say is enough for anyone who wants to improve him/herself technologically and face the future with pride.  I am waiting for you, I mean You my friends to get connected with me so can walk the road of progress or success together.  Feel free to connect with me  here or anywhere, be it through the social networks or my website- and I will be glad to communicate with you.


So many organizations will lure you into believing they are genuine- please I don’t want you to fall victim as many of us have done in the past before meeting this right “guy” known as Wealthy Affiliate (Still take a look at the Review here) and if there’s anything you are not clear about Kindly drop your comments, queries and any other issues you want me to handle and I will be more than happy to respond to you.