How to Maintain Nail Health, A Small Part that is Often Underestimated

Nails are one of the smallest parts of the body which are located at the fingertips and are able to produce a more attractive hand appearance. Literally, the function of the nails is to protect the fingertips which are full of nerves.

Despite its very important role for the body, there are still many people who neglect nail health by never taking special care to keep it shining and healthy. Below are five ways to keep your nails healthier. More information please Visit Us!

1. Regularly cut nails

Cutting your nails prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating which can cause infection and is one way to keep your nails healthy. It should also be noted that the tools used in cutting nails must be clean and sharp. In addition, cutting nails regularly is also important for preventing bacterial and fungal infections, preventing ingrown nails and thickening of the nails around the fingers and maintaining digestive health.

2. Keep it dry

Moist conditions on the nails can trigger the growth of bacteria and fungi which can cause mild to serious infections. In addition to bacteria that can develop, nails that are moist and exposed to water for too long break more easily because they are brittle. To avoid this, you can use protection such as rubber gloves when washing clothes or cutlery and always wipe with a clean cloth after washing your hands with antibacterial soap.

3. Consumption of nutritious food

Nails are a part of our body that certainly needs nutrition from food to keep them healthy and avoid infection problems. Nutrients that can be consumed to keep nails strong are vitamins, zinc, iron, protein, and magnesium. Various nutrients above can be found in fruits that contain vitamins A, C and B6 such as kiwi, bananas and apricots. In addition, if necessary, you can increase the consumption of meat, fish and other green vegetables.

4. Use a moisturizer

Although it is recommended to always make sure your nails are dry, keep your nails moist. Nails should not be too dry which can cause damage. To avoid overly dry nails, we can use hand lotion or body moisturizer by applying it to the nails and cuticles.

5. Things to avoid

To have healthy and well-maintained nails, avoid things that can cause damaged nails. Some things that can have an adverse effect on nails are biting nails and cutting nail cuticles, pulling the skin at the edges of the nails, and using nail polish too often.

Those are some ways we can do to care for and maintain the health of the tiniest part of our body. Don’t just focus on facial and body skincare, but nails also need attention.