In this article, I want to show you how you can get connected or started with your online Business  so you can achieve maximum success in it.  But before I start, let me ask you some questions:


Are you ready to technologically improve yourself by learning, have bundle of fun while learning, learn or improve upon your knowledge on how to build website or render expertise assistance to others thereby helping yourself while you learn?  What about building a brand new full time business and income as well as promoting a platform you can believe in, have trust in and which you know can truly help others in a positive direction?

If your answers is/are Yes,  then I will advice you to Get Started  with me as I will be showing you a business that have proven itself for over a decade due to its transparency and knowledge based education being doled out by this wonderful online marketing firm to its teaming population.


Sign Up with me Here as I bring to your notice an online marketing firm you will be glad or happy to be a part of  along with its vibrant community.  A community that is contributing immensely and adding flavor to the activities of this great body.


Wealthy Affiliate is the Answer


The programs carried out by this online firm will be highlighted here.  But be informed that Wealthy Affiliate  have been tested to be one of the most technologically advanced, sophisticated and progressive platform in the world.  When you get connected or started or join Wealthy Affiliate; you will have so much access to other genuine Affiliate programs out there where you will receive commissions when your links are clicked for procurement of products or any goods you intend to market or monetize on your site from such organizations.


Note that as an affiliate partner you do not handle any consignment or engaged in its shipping; your paramount duty is to advertise such product on your website as a way to monetize your site ( This is one of the ways to make money online).


Do you know that you can create as many websites as possible say up to fifty websites?


My answer is Yes!  it is possible depending on your passions, interest areas and aspirations.   You may ask me how.  Follow me to learn how you can do that with ease.   With Wealthy Affiliate this is just with a blink of the eye and your website is created.  The first two websites to be created are free on its Site Rubix and subsequent ones can be to promote your brand or yourself.  Watch video on how  you can create your own website because this is the foundation of every business.


How would you get access into this platform?


There are two different methods through which you can get started with this online business.  One is through the Starter Membership where you commence with nothing – I mean a zero dollar ($0).  As I  indicated above, you will have access to 2 free websites and other interesting programs on registration as a Starter Member.  For example:  See the diagram of all you can do within this area of you Signing up with me.

This may be blurred and not so visible but I can itemize some of the activities you will be having access to when you get started with the Starter Membership.  These are but a few:


Now apart from you building your two free website; you will have access to the following:

  • 7 days live help from a vibrant community including the owners and my personal help and contact to you regularly
  • You will have website backup
  • You will enjoy the first 10 lessons of the Online Certification Course or the Beginner Training Course
  • You will have access to your Personal Affiliate Blog
  • You will access the  Phase 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp Training or the Progress Course
  • You will access all the videos walk-throughs ie. on lessons carried out to simplify your activities here
  • You will access 30 free searches on Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool- that means a free registration to Jaaxy too
  • You will have access to Affiliate Programs where you can  earn revenue through commissions while on training
  • You will have access to 2 Classroom Training Programs
  • What about 1-on-1 coaching?  access is also provided in this regard


Your first 7 days into Wealthy Affiliate  give you  great opportunities  to access these itemized and so many others not indicated here.  No payment information is required and no special skill is required.  Just come with whoever and whatever you are in life and experience a life transformation in this online marketing platform.


When you are convinced of this platform and its programs relevance to you,  upgrade to Premium membership will further propel you to more actions and benefits of being in this great body.  But if not you can always choose to walk away with all the learning acquired but I know no one comes to this platform, I mean it is too juicy or interesting to miss the fun- filled activities as well as the knowledge awaiting to be tapped that are filled here and I am convinced you will  choose to take the right step or decision by upgrading.  Don’t forget to  Sign Up Here in case you have not done it.


The second is to become a Premium Membership.  Becoming a Premium Membership gives you full benefits of all the programs being carried out in this organization (view diagram above ) along with 100% commissions you will receive as an Affiliate member.  Let me highlight  some of the programs and activities you will be accessing as you upgrade to Premium Membership.  Note that the list is inexhaustible because more are not mentioned but when you get started, you will be amazed as you will be overwhelmed at what goes on in this platform.


The list is as follows:


Now take note that becoming a premium membership is for those who are willing to make a difference in their life and steer a successful business path online.    The first item you will experience on upgrading is I will be giving you a bonus for your first month of joining me from the usual monthly fee.  Check my write up here to see how you will claim it.


Other benefits you will have access to include:


  • Unlimited live help from a vibrant community at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Unlimited Private messaging to any member including  the owners of the program
  • 50 websites (25 free  created on Site Rubix and 25 of owned domains which are also created within the platform for a minimal fee)
  • You will have access to website security package known as SSL( This is a process approved by all search engines) for free
  • Access to Website backup – sometimes redundancy could occur but cheer up the backup system have duplicates of all operations hence eliminating any unforeseen problems as a result of website crash.  And this is done 24/7 by a strong technical team headed by Carson himself- one of the owners.
  • You will have access to both the Certification course as well as the Affiliate Bootcamp Programs all totalling to 120 lessons.
  • You will have access to your own Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Live Weekly video Classes with our Number 3 powerful man Jay every Friday where he doles out current issues as they arise and training
  • Video walk throughs of all lessons taught
  • Unlimited searches on Jaaxy keyword research tool which in essence mean free registration until you also upgrade.  Note you can also earn as an affiliate member on Jaaxy.  (see my Review here)
  • You will access 12 Powerful Training classes.  This is quite separate from the 120 lessons already awaiting your completion with tasks to strengthen such learning and these classes are on various topics
  • You have access to other Affiliate Programs which will enable you to earn twice  higher payout
  • You are able to earn while you learn as you take the right action on what you are taught.
  • Unlimited one-on-one coaching
  • Unlimited Private access to the owners including my very support to you when you get registered with me
  • You will have unlimited 24/7, 365(6) days website support
  • Unlimited website feedback platform
  • Unlimited website comment platform
  • Unlimited website analysis and so much more that you are never bored.


Is boredom your problem?  Get it off you by connecting to this life changing platform.  There is no age barrier.  Remember that Abraham had his first two children when he was 86 and 100 years of age (See Gen.16:16; 21:5.) and since education or learning has no end as well as age barrier; get on board this platform here and turn every negativity including boredom to freedom, wealth and  positivity in all areas of your life and I promise you that you will be glad you join me to take this right decision or step.


The only problem I have with this program is that not every nation can have access to it if not it could have been a life changing avenue for so many of our people that are suffering from deprivation,  lack and want as to bring positive change to the lives of so many people of this world thereby making it a better place for us all.


Note that this is not a get rich quick program.  If you are looking for such then this is not the right place for you but to build your future for futuristic progress and success and wealth, then welcome and Join me Here.  The future here does not mean one, two or up to 5 or 10 years but it all depend on the interest you placed on this program.  The tiniest or any little  time you put into it will produce maximum success on your part so get started and get running with your online business and reap success in no time.  The earlier you get started the better it becomes for us all.



One of the best thing  I like in this program is learn and earn.  So it all depends on me and you on how we want to make it in this business.  Learn and implement the task given, you acquire traffic which latter converts to bring you the required revenue.  Do you know how many people that get registered daily on this platform, that could be you too.  When you take the chance you will see for yourself because you are seconds away to making it online.  Do not delay or wait any longer.



There are so many different aspects in this Wealthy Affiliate programs you can leverage to maximize your revenue and overall conversions.   I will abreast you with the programs as you follow me  on this website-



Watch video on how to get started  and please don’t forget to sign up with me through this link and also drop me your comments,questions and suggestions and I will be glad to respond to you.