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I came across this word “defile” and saw something different from the usual meaning known which is

“to make unclean or impure” and decided to share this finding in case there’s anyone like me who does not have knowledge of this other meaning.

The other meaning of the word  defile is “to march off in a line”; for example:  The Sentence “He watched as the troops defiled across the bridge; their thinned ranks made a noticeable impression on the monarch” –  This sentence was made by Michael V. Leggiere in 2015.


History of the Word


The first meaning dates back to the 14th century and it is derived from Anglo-French verb defoiller which means “to trample”.  While the second meaning came from English in the early 18th Century.  It is also from French from the verb defiler, formed by the combination of de – with filer (“to move in a column”)


Defiler is also the source of the English noun defile, meaning “narrow passage or gorge”

Hope you are blessed with this little knowledge.

I shall be enlightening us whenever I come across any unusual word(s).  Feel free to comment and make suggestions and if there is any question(s) feel free to contact me at


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