Emilierstauran Traditional Food List

Mi Aceh (Aceh Province)

This noodle is served using thick yellow noodles with sliced ​​beef, mutton or seafood, such as shrimp and squid. It is then served in a kind of savory and spicy curry soup. Acehnese noodles are usually sprinkled with fried onions and served with chips, sliced ​​shallots, cucumber and lime.

Pendap (Bengkulu Province)

Pendap, or also known as ikan pais, is one of the Indonesian dishes from Bengkulu Province. Pendap has a spicy and savory taste, as well as the distinctive aroma of taro leaves which are the wrappers. Pendap has something in common with fish pepes, especially the way it is made; the difference is the material used as well as the taro leaves as a wrapper and cooled with raffia rope.

 Satay Sate

is also one of the foods that can be easily found in Indonesia. Sate is a typical Indonesian culinary dish that uses chicken, beef, goat, rabbit or buffalo meat as its raw material. The meat is cut, soaked with marinade and then grilled until cooked. After that, the satay is served with a variety of sauces, from peanut sauce to soy sauce. Uniquely, each island has a different version of satay. Starting from Sate Padang from Minangkabau, Sate Madura, Sate Tegal, Sate Klathak, Sate Lilit, Sate Ponorogo, Sate Ambal, and Sate Buntal. What distinguishes each satay is the way of choosing the meat and the accompanying sauce. Satay is very suitable to eat with white rice or rice cakes, pickled cucumbers and crackers.


Like the previous Indonesian culinary specialties, Soto is also an Indonesian food that has variations and uniqueness that vary in each region. Call it Soto Betawi, Soto Lamongan, to Coto Makassar, which are variants of typical soto dishes in Indonesia. This typical Indonesian food is a savory soup rich in spices which sometimes uses coconut milk, but some is made without coconut milk. As for the fillings, this typical Indonesian food has many variations, from shredded chicken, pieces of beef, to chunks, tripe, or goat which can be used as fillings for this Indonesian culinary menu. If the gado-gado is called the salad of Indonesia, then the typical Indonesian food is henceforth dubbed the pancake of Indonesia. This typical Indonesian food with a sweet taste has become one of the popular street foods that is also identical as a night culinary because it is often sold at night. Now this typical Indonesian culinary has many flavor modifications and toppings ranging from Nutella sweet martabak, matcha sweet martabak, red velvet sweet martabak, and various other sweet martabak variants.


Rawon is a typical food from the city of Surabaya which is similar to meat soup but has a thick black sauce. Even though the broth is not like soup in general, rawon has a distinctive taste and is always missed by connoisseurs of Eastern Javanese cuisine.

The black color of rawon is caused by the use of kluwek in the broth. Kluwek fruit is a black fruit that gives a unique color and flavor to dishes.

Rawon is served with chunks of beef, boiled sprouts and salted eggs and prawn crackers. Don’t forget to add lime juice and chili sauce to add freshness when eating this one dish


Gado-gado is a typical food from Jakarta which is healthy because it consists of boiled vegetables such as kale, carrots, chayote, lettuce, cucumber and sliced ​​tempeh doused with a delicious peanut sauce.

In West Java Gado-gado is called Lotek. Similar in shape but not the same taste. Lotek uses peanut sauce, garlic, kencur and tamarind so that it has a stronger and sweeter smell than Gado-gado.

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