The Social Media  I am using right now are as listed hereunder:


Google Plus

Twitter; and


How Do I Use these Social Media?


Ordinarily it was to connect to friends and love ones.  But most recently, being involved in Online marketing, I have been using them to post my articles as well as follow others and also learning so much valuable things that are adding value to my life.

Why do I use them?


As stated above I use them to benefit my site as well as to increase followers or traffic which will in turn create wealth in the long term.

Also I am using them to create awareness of my brand and soon my company name Linatex Global Venture – a registered company back home will be brought to limelight too.

And finally  I use them to offer services to my potential and existing customers as well as give untimely responses to their requests/needs.

When do I use them?


Sometimes whenever the need arises depending on the notifications received.  In some cases, when posting my articles and other times once a while I visit the sites.  Since one is always engaged with activities, once a while I go online to check what is trending and try to contribute or engage others or follow in some cases to like what is going on.

As per Decision on which to Put into Share only Mode?

I think Pinterest or Twitter are preferred for such purposes.


Thanks for this opportunity again as I complete this lesson to the Glory of God.



Your friend