American Food Recommendations

California Roll

First is the California Roll, whose appearance looks very similar to Sushi. Interestingly, the history of this food remains unknown because according to, British Columbia–a chef from Los Angeles and Vancouver–claims that he is the inventor of the California Roll.

On the other hand, Ken Sousa, who both work in Los Angeles, also claims to be the owner of this food. Ken even has enough supporting evidence, namely a documentary article from the Associated Press which was published in 2011. 1979.

Despite its history, the California roll carries a stronger taste of the original Japanese Sushi and uses more ingredients. This one food is made from avocado, cucumber and imitation crab with seaweed inside.


Chimichanga is a food that looks and tastes more like Mexican food. Although actually Chimichanga was first discovered in El Charro, Tucson, Arizona. Based on stories circulating in Arizona residents, this food was discovered by accident.

Precisely when restaurant owner Monica Flin accidentally dropped a burrito into the fryer. Instead of picking it up, he shouted a word that comes from the Spanish language “Chimichanga!”.


The first famous food in the United States that you need to be aware of is hotdogs. Of course, you are aware of Hotdog food which is often sold in all corners of the world. This famous food is also sold in almost all stores and restaurants in the United States. In the process, Hotdogs are grilled using charcoal to bring out the unique American taste.
Even though you can find it in Indonesia, maybe you want to enjoy a typical American hotdog with a variety of toppings. In fact, most hotdogs feature different toppings, portions and flavors.

French Fries

A snack that is arguably very popular in America is french fries, aka French fries. In fact, because of the popularity of french fries, including spread in the world. Many other dining areas inside and outside America make it a favorite snack menu.
In fact, so far there are many french fries on the menu that not only have a savory taste, barbecue, black pepper to cheese are included as food toppings on this one. Potatoes that have been fried really crunchy with a soft inside is actually a lot of people like and often become a side dish.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie has been around since 2010. 1900s and originates from European soil. When it was brought to the United States, Apple Pie became everyone’s favorite food because it tastes good, is easy to make anytime and is affordable. What’s most interesting about this pie is that it tastes sweet but is actually still classified as a healthy snack, because it has nutrition from apples which contain lots of vitamins A and C.

As a processed dessert, Apple Pie is usually served with whip cream, ice cream and melted mozzarella cheese as the topping.

Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is one of the most popular American foods. Mac and Cheese is a pasta menu that can now be found easily even in Asia.

Mac and Cheese snack consists of macaroni which contains carbohydrates. Meanwhile, cheese increases protein levels in this food. Some people may prefer Mac and Cheese with a thick cheese taste, there are those who choose to focus on a moist texture and evenly coat each macaroni.

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