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Today the 24th of November, 2017 is our Thanksgiving Day Celebration when all Americans celebrate with their families all that God has done for them.  This Celebrations started in our Churches on the 19th being the Sunday before the Thanksgiving Day with decorations for the  Harvest Celebration.  So many gifts items were presented which will in-turn be handed  back to the society at the  Pantry.


This celebration is usually done with so much Turkeys.  In fact turkeys have been on sale for the past weeks and this week culminates all sales with the Black Friday Sales Offer which starts  from  the 24 – 27th November, 2017 .




According to reports, “Black Friday”  the use of the phrase started around 1960 in Philadelphia when a large number of people trooped to shops in their droves and almost pushing retailers from being “in the red” or losing money, into “the black” or solvency.

Black Friday 2017

It is the first day after Thanksgiving- which is a major holiday period in the United States.   Black Friday also marks the unofficial beginning of Christmas shopping season and due to the holiday both employees and students are always home bringing members of families to come together to celebrate both the Thanksgiving Day as well as the Black Friday.


It is a period when sales are in their least prices thereby making people to rush into stores for purchases.  At this period, retailers begin to have a large  turn around of profits  and sales are highest for the year.



It is always the busiest period in the business world hence different special sales and bonuses are offered.  Wealthy Affiliate is not left out in this rush hour (Click here to learn more about it).


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If I had been a monthly payer (See my review of Wealthy Affiliate here),  I know it couldn’t have been easy considering the kind of treatment I was undergoing and constant follow ups.  I might have discontinued with this program maybe due to financial constraints because there was no way I could  think of treatment as well as put my heart on business.


So far so good, it has given me so much opportunity to produce articles  that could one way or the other touch people’s life positively all because of my engagement in Wealthy affiliate.

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In some cases you will be given some trial period and you will not be informed of the financial implications until you enroll then you will find out it was not the right place for you and in some no training they will tell you they will do it for you-  I am advising you to flee from such they are real scammers and I thank God at Wealthy Affiliate we review cases of scammers.


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