I could say I was born with a business-mind.  Why did I make such statement?  This is because while at school, I was kind of taking photographs of my fellow students for a fee.  As at that time, the camera known as Kodak – which takes and print instant pictures was used every weekend for business.  This assisted me for my upkeep and created assistance for others in need too.  But it was not regarded then maybe due to ignorance in the business world, lack of understanding of its importance then and may be I was actually young and still schooling (Secondary days).



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I was also an entertainer then.  There was no serious activities that comes up that I was not found performing, including drama.  One of such plays i performed  was “The Gods are not to be blamed“.  I was in the School Choir as well as Home Church Choir.  Although, I had wanted to develop this “Music” talent as a career but this was hindered by my refusal to leave home away from my lovely family especially my mother whom I actually wanted to be around for as to afford her the care she might need.


For Agriculture:


Later after I left school, I developed this interest in agriculture I had back in the school and actually cultivated a farm with some crops back home.  This was propelled by the vision I had to make my family and the society great especially my grandparents, parents, the community and the world in general the best place we could be proud to live in and have food in abundance, but this was halted.


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I established a hair plating salon where I also sold hair products.  In fact, this was when I opened my first bank account and learnt banking activities.  This was halted when I got an employment into a Federal establishment, but while I was working I set up a barbing salon. And after the manager got what he wanted (his education) he abandoned the business.  And the apartment erected for its purpose was converted for rental purpose as well as for family use.  All these were some form of hobbies or businesses that if harnessed could have generated huge fortune but I think lack of understanding of business principles and practice, lack of continuity and putting in place adequate structures that could have moved them forward were lacking hence they could not survive the heat or pressures from within and without.




The dreams, visions and aspirations were still pushing and pressing for more developments, hence later say in 1996/97, after my graduation from the University, I started sale of clothing materials.  Due to the nature of my busy schedule at work, an in-law came and saw the business I was into and wanted to render assistance as to help herself make a living, brought about the closure of that business but before I left that my tailoring section was also in operation.


In every business, one’s absence could cause a lot of setbacks that was exactly what happened to me, I was never there as the needs of the office was on me and need to be met also, but due to my sympathetic nature of wanting to help those in need to make life better for them, i am always establishing as to employ and give them a sense of existence.  These people I pity turns back to bite as they continue to work for their pockets only.


By 1999, I established a catering outfit -a restaurant but later that year, I was transferred out with my family to another state, and the business left in the hands of the manager, collapsed.


But that never deter me for later in 2003/04,  in the new station I established a mini bar with restaurant along with a business center.  This went on until 2005 when I was transferred to another state again.  In that state by 2009, I  re-established the Business Center with a supermarket, a business that was in operation until 2013 when I finally put all businesses to a total closure.  The following year I quit my job voluntarily after serving for twenty-nine years.


As can be seen, I have delved into so many areas of businesses and I know the time to make it has come and larger ones are  in the offing hence this training in Wealthy Affiliate is so paramount to me for the rebuilding, re-branding and regenerating/resuscitating the family company’s names that are in existence.


Presently, everything has been kept on hold after investing so much recently – like trying to put some structures on the ground including security cameras which  are yet to be installed.


I noticed that if the right structures or foundations are adequately put in place, the absence of  the proprietor in a particular organization may or may not bring  the end of that business because the business will be put under 24/7 close surveillance which would save the business from threat of mismanagement and/or closure.


But I believe that as long as there is life, there is hope and I know that with the Training being undertaken in this Wealthy Affiliate, Success, greatness etc; shall be achieved and all failures/or obstacles of the past shall be forgotten when a strong, reliable and solid foundation will be built that will bring about the desired success.  So help me God.


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