7 Benefits of Consuming Dried Shrimp or Dried Shrimp, the Only Error Overcome Anemia

As an archipelagic country, indonesia has many seas and straits that connect one island to another. This makes indonesia has great fisheries potential because it is traversed by various types of ocean currents. One of indonesia’s mainstay fishery commodities is shrimp.

Shrimp means seafood that contains high protein. The flesh of the shrimp is soft and white while the skin is rather hard. In addition, shrimp is known to be highly nutritious seafood such as vitamins and minerals that are good for the body.

Benefits Consumption of dried shrimp in food

The existence of shrimp has a variety of types, from large to small sizes. Everything has its own use. The following is an explanation of the several types and benefits of shrimp.

Culinary delights

Shrimp is usually added to prepare various kinds of delicious dishes such as shrimp paste, crackers, fried chili sauce, to add flavor to the food for which it is designed.

Prevent disease

Another benefit of the mineral selenium is preventing various diseases such as cardiovascular. Apart from selenium, it is also known as a strong anti-depressant for patients with depression. while the other nutritional content in dried shrimp is also good for preventing diabetes, especially low glucose levels.

Lose weight Shrimp contain protein and vitamin D. these two ingredients can add carbohydrates to your daily intake. Shrimp also contain leption. Leptin is a hormone and is integral to regulating fat storage, appetite and energy use. When leptin levels in the body increase, people can avoid the problem of overeating, eat less, and can maintain a healthy body pattern.

Maintain Heart and Brain Health

The content of omega-3 fatty acids and the antioxidant astaxanthin in rebon can improve heart and brain health, and protect against inflammation. In addition, rebon is also able to prevent free radicals that can damage brain cells which often results in memory loss and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

This is because astaxanthin plays a role in strengthening the arteries, which can reduce the risk of heart attack. Of course, this also has an impact on raising levels of good HDL cholesterol, an important factor in heart health.

Lose weight

Who would have thought, it turns out that shrimp can also be useful for increasing leptin levels in the body. According to https://thefishshoppb.com/ leptin itself is a hormone and is an integral part of the body’s regulation of fat storage, appetite, and holistic use of energy in the body.

Therefore if you consume rebon, the leptin levels in the body will increase and can prevent you from common problems such as overeating. In addition, rebon also contains iodine which can help control how much energy is expended and interacts with the thyroid gland to increase the speed of thyroid activity, helping weight loss.